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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Have great local food on your plate and support a local farm by joining a CSA program.

CSA is a food distribution system that enables food lovers to support local agriculture, give farmers job security, take care of the environment while guaranteeing themselves a share of fresh, healthy local produce at a fair price.

Vitality Farm's CSA Program

Vitality Farm was the proud supplier to local-focused restaurants like Canoe Brew Pub, Wild Mountain Food and Drink, House of Boateng, and Indecent Risotto as well as selling their produce and berries at local farmers markets. Due to COVID-19, they are all closed or operating at reduced capacity.


Farmers like us are used to thinking out of the box when challenges come our way and we have come up Harvest Boxes,  our way of offering premium, restaurant quality, fresh, local produce delivered to your community. 

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Inside Vitality Farm's
Harvest Boxes

Enjoy! Premium, restaurant quality, fresh, local, organic produce delivered to your community!


Mixed greens, radishes, lettuce, salad turnips, kohlrabi, and strawberries. 


Expect the best carrots ever, beets, peas, new potatoes, beans, broccoli, herbs, and much more.



Our greenhouse flourishes with delicious cherry tomatoes, amazingly peppers, crisp cucumbers, fresh basil, summer squash, and if we're lucky, eggplants!


Expect onions, cabbage, and winter squash in addition to greens and other vegetables.

Harvest Boxes

Family Harvest Box

Hipster Harvest Box

Each week receive 7 to 11 varieties of just harvested veggies, perfect for families of two to four.

  • $550 for 15 weeks (just $36/week!) - On farm pickup

  • $610 for 15 weeks (just $40/week!)* Fernwood drop off spot

Berry Harvest Box Add On

Each week receive 3 to 6 varieties of just harvested veggies, just right for one or two.

  • $300 for 15 weeks (just $20/week!) On farm pickup

  • $360 for 15 weeks (only $24/week!)* Fernwood drop off spot


Add black currants, blueberries , and strawberries to your Harvest Box and get 2 pints of scrumpdillyicious berries per week while in season!

  • $70 for 7 weeks (July 17th to Aug 29th inclusive).

​Both Family and Hipster harvest boxes will run weekly from July 17 until October 23 inclusive.

*Cost includes delivery of $4.00/week from the farm to the Fernwood drop off spot.


Your Harvest Box will be ready for pick up On the Farm on Saturdays’ from 10 am – 6 pm.

Or in Fernwood on Friday’s 4 pm- 7 pm.

Vitality Farm offers 3 payment options:

  • Pay full amount at sign up

  • Two payments: First at signup and second installment Aug 30th

  • Monthly at the beginning of each month

Payment Options

On Farm Pick-up

  • $550 - Family Harvest

  • $610 - Family Harvest + Berry

  • $300 - Hipster Harvest

  • $360 - Hipster Harvest + Berry

Fernwood Drop Off

  • $610 - Family Harvest

  • $680 - Family Harvest + Berry

  • $360 - Hipster Harvest 

  • $430 - Hipster Harvest + Berry

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