Frequently asked questions

Can I subsitute one vegetable in my box for another?

As we are first and foremost farmers and not administrators we donot offer subsitutions.

What if I can't manage to pick up my harvest box one week?

We have a number of oppourtunities if you can't make it during the pickup time. Please find a friend or relative that would enjoy your harvest box and have them pick it up on your behalf. If you let us know in advance we will spread your harvest box amongst the other members. And lastly we work closely with Life Cycles who will pick up produce from us and distribute it to people in need in our community. Please note that we do not refund the cost of your missed Harvest Box.

Can I get a refund for my Harvest Box during the season?

We do not provide refunds. Please ensure that you have all your questions answered before hand and you are comfortable with the choices you make.

Are your prices fair?

As a member of our organic farming community we strive to reflect our prices fairly amongst our farming colleagues. We do not undercut our neighbourhood farms. Our prices are worked out and reflect farmers market prices. Our produce is quaranteed fresh, somewhat unique, and reflectivive of a high quality value.

Do you have practises that reflect safe Covid-19 protection.

Our farm has put into place safe working practises reflective of Public Health advisories for our empoyees, our customers, and our farmer market participants. If you see something that concerns you please let us know.

Why are your strawberries "in transition" to organic status?

Some of our strawberries were planted last year with purchased plants that were not organically produced. This choice was made because there were no organic starts on the market. To be considered organic they need to grow for a minimum of 1 year hence "in trantion"